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Our company offers you a full range of services focused on safety and comfort, meeting the highest transport requirements:

Bulletproof & Armored Car Rentals: Ensure unparalleled protection on the go with our fleet of state-of-the-art armored cars. Our specially trained safety drivers ensure complete peace of mind for you and your prized possessions.

Premium car rental with security trained drivers: Enjoy the comfort and prestige of our luxury sedans, accompanied by competent and discreet drivers. You can relax and focus on the essentials while we take care of your safety.

Transport of precious goods: Trust our expertise in the transport of precious and valuable goods. We implement rigorous security measures to ensure the optimal protection of your most precious goods.

VIP Safety Driver Training: We offer professional training programs for drivers, helping them master advanced safe driving techniques and effectively manage high-risk situations when transporting VIPs.

With our unwavering commitment to the safety and satisfaction of our customers, we are proud to offer you transportation services that combine excellence, luxury and serenity. Whether for business or personal travel, we are here to support you with the highest level of professionalism and protection.

GURY Christophe, CEO.


144 Avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine (France)

Tel : 00336 64 14 28 30

SASU au capital de 5 000,00 €  RCS Nanterre 817 845 258 00026  NAF / APE : 4941A

N°TVA FR 358 17 845 258 N°GESTION 2016 B 00433


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